2004 Digital Security Seminar Series at Carleton University

Room: 5115 Herzberg Building (13 on Campus Map)
Location: School of Computer Science, Carleton University

The Digital Security Seminar (DSS) series provides a research-oriented forum for the presentation and discussion of results across a broad spectrum of security-related topics, reflecting the interests of Carleton's Computer Security Lab (CCSL). The talks are intended to be of appeal to a wide audience, including non-specialists. Speakers are encouraged to put their results in proper context, and to address topics having both scientific and practical relevance.

Schedule (Winter 2004)

Date Speaker Topic (Abstract) More Info
May 27, 2004 Prof. Clark Thomborson (U. of Auckland) New Techniques for Software Protection N/A
Apr 27, 2004 Dr. George Yee (NRC) Semi-Automated Derivation of Personal Privacy Policies N/A
Apr 13, 2004 Dr. Tim Moses (Entrust) Managing security policy in distributed systems Slides (PDF)
Mar 23, 2004 Prof. Carlisle Adams (U. of Ottawa) Revealing Personal Data without Abandoning Privacy: Some Initial Steps N/A
Mar 09, 2004 Prof. Michel Barbeau (Carleton U.) Intrusion Detection in Mobile and Wireless Networks Using Electronic Profiling N/A
Feb 24, 2004 Prof. Sean Smith (Dartmouth College) Enabling Effective Trust Judgments N/A
Feb 10, 2004 Prof. Scott Knight (RMC) Enterprise Network Vulnerability to HTTP Tunnelling N/A
Jan 27, 2004 Prof. Paul Van Oorschot (Carleton U.) Password Attacks and Human-in-the-Loop Protocols Paper
Jan 13, 2004 Prof. Anil Somayaji (Carleton U.) What Can Biology Teach Us About Computer Security? N/A

Announcement of a talk is usually sent out a week before the talk. To subscribe to our DSS mailing-list, please send an email to dsg (at) scs.carleton.ca with the information of your name, title, email address, and affiliation.

Seminar Co-ordinators: Dr. Paul Van Oorschot and Tao Wan

Last updated: January 11, 2005.