2005 Digital Security Seminar Series at Carleton University

Room: 5115 Herzberg Building (13 on Campus Map)
Location: School of Computer Science, Carleton University

The Digital Security Seminar (DSS) series provides a research-oriented forum for the presentation and discussion of results across a broad spectrum of security-related topics, reflecting the interests of Carleton's Computer Security Lab (CCSL). The talks are intended to be of appeal to a wide audience, including non-specialists. Speakers are encouraged to put their results in proper context, and to address topics having both scientific and practical relevance.

Schedule (Winter 2005)

Date Speaker Topic (Abstract) More Info
May 3, 2005 Prof. David Lie (Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto) Reducing the TCB: XOM and Current Projects N/A
April 26, 2005 Prof. Konstantin Beznosov (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia) Towards Agile Security Assurance N/A
April 19, 2005 Prof. Angelos Keromytis (Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University) Self-Healing Software Systems N/A
April 12, 2005 Glenn Wurster (Carleton University) Hardware-Assisted Circumvention of Self-Hashing Software Tamper Resistance N/A
March 29, 2005 John McCumber (Symantec Corp.) Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems N/A
March 15, 2005 Prof. Mohammad Zulkernine (School of Computing, Queen's University) Towards Unifying Software Engineering and Security Engineering N/A
March 1, 2005 Prof. Christian Collberg (University of Arizona) Software Watermarking: State of the Art and Future Directions N/A
Feb. 15, 2005 Dr. Andrew Patrick (NRC & Carleton U) Designing Systems That People Will Trust N/A
Feb. 1, 2005 Prof. Thomas Dean (Queen's University) Using Program Comprehension Techniques for Syntax Testing of Network Protocols N/A
Jan. 18, 2005 Hajime (Jim) Inoue (University of New Mexico) Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Execution Environments N/A
Jan. 4, 2005 Dr. John Ioannidis (Columbia University) Protecting the Internet Infrastructure N/A

Announcement of a talk is usually sent out a week before the talk. To subscribe to our DSS mailing-list, please send an email to dsg (at) scs.carleton.ca with the information of your name, title, email address, and affiliation.

Seminar Co-ordinators: Dr. Paul Van Oorschot and Julie Thorpe

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