MITACS Digital Security Seminar Series at Carleton University

Room: 5115 Herzberg Building (13 on the Campus Map)

The MITACS Digital Security Seminar (DSS) series provides a research-oriented forum for the presentation and discussion of results across a broad spectrum of security-related topics, reflecting the interests of Carleton's Computer Security Lab (CCSL). The talks are intended to be of appeal to a wide audience, including non-specialists. Speakers are encouraged to put their results in proper context, and to address topics having both scientific and practical relevance.

Seminar Co-ordinators: Dr. Paul Van Oorschot and Mansour Alsaleh

Date Speaker Reference/Topic Slides
17 Feb 2011 15:00 Mohammad Mannan (University of Toronto) IVApps: Trusted Computing for the Masses N/A
27 Jan 2011 15:00 Jeremy Clark (University of Waterloo) Panic Passwords and their Applications N/A
25 Nov 2010 14:00 Bill McGee (VP of Datacenter and Emerging Technologies Development at Trend Micro) Technology Tsunami Creates Opportunity for New Security Research and Development N/A
31 Aug 2010 15:00 Adam Aviv (UPenn) Smudge Attacks on Smartphone Touch Screens N/A
16 Aug 2010 14:30 Heather Crawford (University of Glasgow) Behavioral Biometrics N/A
20 Apr 2010 15:00 Trent Jaeger (Penn State University) Designing Systems to Manage Attack Surfaces N/A
30 Mar 2010 10:00 William Enck (Pennsylvania State University) Enhanced Security Policy Frameworks for Android N/A
25 Nov 2009 15:00 Kevin Butler (Pennsylvania State University) Rootkit-Resistant Disks N/A
3 Nov 2009 14:00 Golden G. Richard III (University of New Orleans) Digital Forensics: A Peek at the Basics + Research Directions N/A
13 Jul 2009 15:00 Dr. Mike Just (University of Edinburgh) Personal Choice and Challenge Questions: A Security and Usability Assessment Pdf
13 May 2009 15:00 Prof. Ueli Maurer (ETH Zurich) New Approaches to Digital Evidence Pdf
16 Apr 2009 10:30 Prof. Matt Bishop (University of California at Davis) The Insider Problem, Inside Out N/A
18 Feb 2009 15:00 Dr. Carrie Gates (CA Labs) NetFlow Data Visualization N/A
26 Mar 2008 10:00 Prof. Patrick McDaniel (Pennsylvania State University) Vulnerabilities and Opportunities in SMS-Capable Cellular Networks N/A
13 Mar 2008 15:00 Dr. Rachna Dhamija (Harvard University) The Seven Flaws of Identity Management N/A
7 Feb 2008 3:00 Prof. Angelos Stavrou (George Mason University) Casting out Demons: Sanitizing Training Data for Anomaly Sensors N/A
22 Jan 2008 15:00 Iosif-Viorel Onut (University of New Brunswick) A Feature Selection and Evaluation Framework for Network Intrusion Detection N/A
10 Jan 2008 10:00 Prof. José M. Fernandez (École Polytechnique de Montréal) Optimising Networks against Malware N/A

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