Digital Security Group (pictures, 2003/2006)

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The Digital Security Group explores fundamental security issues in networked information systems, emphasizing research projects motivated by practical problems. Directed by Paul Van Oorschot, the group is possible largely through the Canada Research Chairs program facilitating his renewable 7-year chair in Network and Software Security, and a corresponding Canadian Foundation for Innovation infrastructure grant funding the establishment of a new security research lab, the Carleton Computer Security Lab.

The research interests of the group span most areas of information and computer security including: infrastructure security, network security, operating system security, privacy, software security, and wireless security.

Group photo (May 2006)

Group photo (circa Nov. 2003; for update, see here). Back row (left to right): Evangelos Kranakis, Michel Barbeau, Anil Somayaji, Paul Van Oorschot, Jen Hall, Tao Wan, Julie Thorpe. Front: Mohammad Mannan, Glenn Wurster, Hong Shen. Missing Students: Phil Eisen, Dave Whyte, Miguel Vargas Martin (postdoc).

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