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CCSL Convergence Notary


Convergence is a Firefox addon implementing a distributed SSL certificate validation scheme outside of the traditional certificate authority model. Users of the Convergence addon can excersize trust agility by choosing from a number of notary servers to provide validation of SSL certificates. More information on Convergence is on the project homepage, or from the Blackhat talk announcing Convergence.

The CCSL Convergence Notary provides clients with a network perspective from Carleton University in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Install CCSL Notary*

*: Updated to Convergence Server 0.4 [03/11/11]. You must first install the Convergence Firefox Addon

SSL Certificate Reuse Statistics

The CCSL Notary is currently indexing the Convergence SQLite database to provide anonymous information related to the reuse of SSL certificates for multiple domains. This information is aggregated in 5 minute intervals and shown on the CCSL Convergence Statistics page in tabular form.

Contact Us

To report problems or otherwise discuss the CCSL Convergence Notary, please contact: