Location: Ottawa, Canada


University Of Windsor
Bachelor of Computer Science Honours Computer Science
Carleton University
Master of Computer Science (in progress)


C++17 C Visual Studio


Java Python HTML5 Gradle


Federal Government of Canada - Software Systems Analyst 2016 - Present

Responsible for the design and analysis of modern computer systems and software

Self Employed - Software Systems Consultant 2012 - Present

I am a consultant who performs tasks such as configuring a production server, maintaining legacy code bases and creating custom software tailored to my clients needs

CAMufacturing Solutions - Software Developer 2016

Implemented spacial aware algorithms and datastructures to efficiently convert 3D models to G-code for computer-aided manufacturing and design for laser cladding machines

Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research - Research Assistant 2015

Created custom software capable of interfacing with an electroencephalography (a machine that records electrical activity of the brain) for the Correction of Sleep Architecture by Electrostimulation; and Biometric Fingerprint project

Hydro One - Software Developer Summer 2013 & 2014

Integrated a Microsoft Outlook Calendar with a SAP database. I developed a user friendly interface for efficiently and quickly scheduling jobs which also provides a clean visualization of the data


My primary focus is on Internet of Things Search Engines (IoTSE). IoTSEs are services that allow a user to search for devices based on how the device was configured and what services it is running. My current work involves comparing the functionality and use cases for three popular IoTSEs; Shodan, Censys and ZoomEye.


University of Windsor 2012 - 2016
  • Computer Concepts for End Users
  • Computer Concepts for Computer Science
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming II
  • System Programming
  • Web Development


Current GPA: 11.0 (A)

Carleton University 2019 - Present
  • Parallel Algorithms and Applications in Data Science
  • Software Usability
  • Authentication and Software Security
  • Internet of Things Security (in progress)
  • Operating Systems Security (planned)
  • Internet Measurements & Security (planned)