Furkan Alaca
School of Computer Science, Carleton University

In Winter 2015, I taught COMP 4108 (Computer Systems Security) at Carleton University as a contract instructor. This is a compulsory course for students in the Computer and Internet Security stream, and an elective for all other Computer Science students. The course outline is available here. My teaching evaluation was 4.91/5.

I have also been a teaching assistant for a variety of courses at Carleton. A few highlights include:

  • COMP 3000 - Operating Systems. While TA'ing this course, I wrote some kernel programming exercises, available here, which were well-received by the students.
  • SYSC 4700 - Telecommunications Engineering. I TA'd this course during my Master's degree, and have since gone back (in 2015 and 2016) to give guest lectures on network security.
  • CCDP 2100 - Communications Skills for Engineering Students. This is a compulsory course for all undergraduate engineering students, designed to develop oral presentation and technical writing skills. I TA'd this course in Summer 2010 at the request of the instructor.
I have also TA'd COMP 2401 (Introduction to Systems Programming), COMP 2406 (Fundamentals of Web Applications), COMP 1405 (Introduction to Programming), COMP 1005 (Introduction to Computer Science I), SYSC 2006 (Fundamentals of Imperative Programming), and ECOR 1606 (Problem Solving and Computers).