Object-based Password (ObPwd) prototypes

Please keep in mind that these prototypes are still in progress. ObPwd was first presented at HotSec'08 (paper, slides).

ObPwd has been featured in Slashdot, Daily Telegraph -- see media coverage.

What is ObPwd?

ObPwd is a technique to generate strong text passwords from any web object (selected text, images, and URLs), or your personal digital content - such as your photos, audio/video files, and documents. You must keep your password generating digital object (local files or a pointer to web objects), but do not need to memorize the generated password. Using ObPwd tools, you can always re-create your password from your web content or files whenever you want. ObPwd related FAQs.

ObPwd Firefox extensions and Applications (Android, Mac, Windows)

Recommended files / web objects for ObPwd

Notes on the generated password

Please send any bug reports or other feedback to: mmannan (at) gmail.com

Mohammad Mannan
Homepage: http://www.encs.concordia.ca/~mmannan