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Hi, welcome to the academic homepage of Yusef Karim.

Yusef Karim is starting his Master of Computer Science under the supervision of Lianying Zhao.

Contact Information

use base64::decode;
use std::str;

fn main() {
    let school_email = "eXVzZWZrYXJpbUBjbWFpbC5jYXJsZXRvbi5jYQ==";
    let location = "SFA1MTQ1LCBIZXJ6YmVyZyBMYWJvcmF0b3JpZXMsIDExMjUgQ29sb25lbCBCeSBEcml2ZSwgT3R0YXdhLCBPbnRhcmlvIEsxUyA1QjY=";

        "Academic Email: {}\nLocation: {}",

Research Interests

  • Embedded Hardware & Computer Security
  • Trusted Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Memory Safety

Frequently Used Technologies:

Linux Arch Linux Rust Python STM32 Neovim Git