Christopher Bellman

I am a Computer Science PhD student at Carleton University, studying under the supervision of Dr. Paul Van Oorschot. I am a member of the Carleton Computer Security Lab (CCSL). My current research area is on IoT security and issues related to this area.


Teaching Assistant


Carleton University

PhD - Computer Science (September 2017 - Present)

In progress. See research for details.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

MSc - Computer Science (September 2015 - June 2017)

Studied brain-computer interfaces devices to detect unaware facial recognitions in the human brain using machine learning. My thesis supervisor was Dr. Miguel Vargas Martin of the Faculty of Business and Information Technology.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

BIT - Information Technology (September 2011 - April 2015)

Completed the Networking and Information Technology Security undergraduate program at UOIT.


Research Area

Current research area - My primary focus is on the establishment of best practices for IoT security, and current efforts underway related to this. This includes an exploration of current usage of terminology, ways to improve adherence to best practices by IoT device manufacturers, and the relationship to how best practices are developed. As a secondary topic, I am exploring how object identification is done within IoT.

Past research area - For my MSc, I studied the use of brain-computer interface (BCI) devices on detecting whether or not consumer-grade devices can be used to detect when a wearer recognizes a face they are viewing. I found that the three levels of recognition ("no recognition", "unaware recognition", and "aware recognition" - defined by myself) can each be detected using consumer-grade BCI devices with common machine learning tools at medium levels of accuracy. Further work in the field could improve accuracy of recognitions. For more information, see my thesis and related papers below.

Publications [DBLP link]

Conference Papers

  • Bellman, C., van Oorschot, P. C. (2019) Analysis, Implications, and Challenges of an Evolving Consumer IoT Security Landscape. International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST).
    [Author Preprint] [Presentation slides]
  • Bellman, C., Martin, M., MacDonald, S. (2018) On the Potential of Data Extraction by Detecting Unaware Facial Recognition with Brain-Computer Interfaces. International Conference on Cognitive Computing (IEEE ICCC).
    [IEEE Xplore]
  • Bellman, C., Seet, A., Baysal, O. (2018) Studying Developer Build Issues and Debugger Usage via Timeline Analysis in Visual Studio IDE. International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2018).
    [PDF][ACM Digital Library]
  • Bellman, C., Martin, M. (2017) Use of Machine Learning for Detection of Unaware Facial Recognition Without Individual Training. International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA).
    [IEEE Xplore]
  • Bellman, C., Martin, M,. Liscano, R. Alomari, R., MacDonald, S. (2017) Excuse Me, Do I Know You From Somewhere? Unaware Facial Recognition Using Brain-Computer Interfaces. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2017 (HICSS).
    [PDF] [ScholarSpace]
  • Bellman, C., Alomari, R. Fung, A. Martin, M., Liscano, R. (2016) Challenges in the Effectiveness of Image Tagging Using Consumer-Grade Brain-Computer Interfaces. International Conference on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics (AVR).

Journal Papers

  • Bellman, C., Martin, M., MacDonald, S., Alomari, R., Liscano, R. (2018) Have We Met Before? Using Consumer-Grade Brain-Computer Interfaces to Detect Unaware Facial Recognition. Computers in Entertainment (CIE) – Special Issue: Deep Learning, Ubiquitous and Toy Computing. Vol 16, Issue 2. Pp 7:1-7:17.
    [ACM Digital Library]