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A number of volumes related to cryptography have been published by Springer in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Using the links below you can browse the table of contents for these volumes. However, to view a paper contained in a particular volume requires a subscription to SpringerLINK content. Many academic institutions have subscriptions.

The links on this webpage are generated automatically from the volume information for LNCS which appears on the SpringerLINK website. This means, for example, that whenever the latest CRYPTO proceedings appear on the SpringerLINK website a link to it will appear here soon after.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this page I would be glad to hear them.



a note about linking to SpringerLINK content
change-log    (10-March-2013: Scripts updated for new SpringerLink web site.)

If you already know the LNCS volume number you are interested in, you can get to it using the following form:

Enter a volume number

Hitting the "submit" button should take you to the relevant SpringerLINK webpage. Note that some LNCS volumes are not available online.

A Note about Linking to SpringerLINK content

Springer has implemented two schemes for linking to SpringerLINK content. One of the schemes is based on the OpenURL standard and it has some nice properties. A periodical published in print usually has an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). You can use the ISSNs of Springer's publications to build links to their online versions. Here are some examples:

Journal of Cryptology	
ISSN:  0933-2790

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
ISSN:  0302-9743

Proceedings for the conferences listed above are published in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. To build a link to a particular proceedings you can use its volume number. For example, here is how to build a link to AsiaCrypt 2003:

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 
ISSN:  0302-9743
Volume: 2894
Title: Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2003
Notice, in this last URL, the "genre" field has changed from "journal" to "issue".

Change Log

10-Mar-2013   The new SpringerLink web-site is a great improvement. The search interface works very well and the html used to encode each LNCS volume is fairly easy to parse (sensibile identifiers and structures are used). Although Springer web-site updates usually break my scripts (and this update was no exception), I have to say that I really like this new design :-)

My updated scripts now parse the LNCS RSS feed and use its content to trigger updates (I mentioned that I wanted to start using the RSS feed back in 2011). The feed is read and checked for new urls. If any are found, then they are visited and the content is parsed. This method is nice because it doesn't pester the Springer web server unnecessarily -- a new url published in the RSS feed will be visited just once. Because this new method is light-weight, I will increase the frequency of auto updates to every 2 hours.
4-Mar-2013   I received a message from RW that some LNCS volumes are missing from the list above (e.g. CT-RSA 2013, SAC 2012). This is because Springer has recently updated their web-site, and so my scripts no longer work. I will work on an update. I should have something ready in a few days. Stay tuned :-)
8-Sep-2012   SC let me know that the table of "Volumes Related to Cryptography and Security" contained some stray strings picked up from the LNCS webpage (there were lots of "Book Chapter" strings hanging around). This was caused by the SpringerLink web server -- it no longer seems to be interpreting the following url correctly, http://www.springerlink.com/openurl.asp?genre=journal&issn=0302-9743. This url should point to the LNCS main web page, but, when I follow it, the server responds with another page that lists the book chapters inside an LNCS volume. It looks like Springer broke their OpenURL interpreter (this has happened a few times). In any case, I've found a way to work around it.
18-May-2012   The Financial Cryptography listing was incorrect because the workshop proceedings were thrown in with the FC proceedings. I've updated the filter rule, which should fix the problem.
9-May-2012   An error in the ICICS listing was reported by NZ. The WISTP 2011 proceedings were mistakenly caught by the ICICS filter. I've updated the filter so this hopefully will not happen again.
28-April-2011   JH let me know that there was an error in the listing for ICISC. There was a fictitious "ICISC 2010" link that actually pointed to LATINCRYPT 2010; the proceedings for ICISC 2010 have not yet been published.
8-Feb-2011   RW noticed that some recent LNCS volumes were not being picked up by my script. This was due to changes on the LNCS webpage. The information for LNCS volumes is now displayed in a new format. This required some updates to my scripts, but it should be back to normal now.

Sometime soon, I will change how the automatic updates are done. Rather than parse SpringerLINK html directly, I will use their RSS feed. This will simplify some things for me.
14-June-2010   I've added regular conference entries for "Africacrypt", "Provable Security", "Pairing-Based Cryptography" and "Cryptography and Coding"; these entries were suggested by AM.
10-June-2010   Springer seems to have corrected the problem with their OpenURL interpreter. The URLs above are now functioning properly.
9-June-2010   DS reported yesterday (8 June) that the URLs above are no longer linking to the appropriate LNCS volumes. Instead, they all point to the main LNCS page. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time (see the log entries below) and is due to some change on Springer's end (e.g. a database update that wipes out their OpenURL interpreter). I've just sent an email to their support group requesting that they restore OpenURL functionality. Stay tuned.
13-May-2010   AM observed that a number of 2010 lncs volumes were missing from the list above. This was true even though auto updates were being carried out. The issue, which has now been resolved, was that Springer has banned http requests that carry a "Wget" user agent string. Wget is the utility that I use to fetch web pages from SpringerLINK. I suspect Springer made this change in January or February 2010.
24-June-2009   JH noticed that one of the proceedings for the newly formed Inscrypt conference was incorrectly grouped with the ICISC proceedings. This was due to the fact that both ICISC and Inscrypt use the phrase "Information Security and Cryptology" in the title of their proceedings. This has now been corrected.
22-Dec-2007   MN just pointed out that the urls to EUROCRYPT 94 and EUROCRYPT 95 were swapped (i.e. the EUROCRYPT 94 url pointed to EUROCRYPT 95, and the EUROCRYPT 95 url pointed to EUROCRYPT 94). This was due to the surprising fact that the volume number for EUROCRYPT 94 comes after the volume number for EUROCRYPT 95. The two urls have now been corrected.
2-Nov-2007   Another previously "missing" lncs volume has appeared on-line. Financial Cryptography 2002 is now accessible through a url above. Note that the machine which hosts this web page has changed. This page now lives on a machine in the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science at Saint Mary's University. I've just begun a limited term position there this fall.
27-Apr-2007   This morning, DS noticed that all my links were broken. I emailed Springer and their reply informed me that this was due to some database issues on their end. This afternoon, everything is working again.
7-Jan-2007   Springer has added some the previously "missing" LNCS volumes to their on-line library. In particular, ACISP 2000 (vol. 1841) and Information Hiding 1999 (vol. 1768) are now available. I've added the appropriate links to the listing of regular conferences. Unfortunately, Financial Cryptography 2002 (vol. 2357) is still "missing" (note: if you try entering "2357" in the "Enter a volume number" form above, then the SpringerLINK server replies with "Bad Request".)
3-Jan-2007   By request, I've included ESORICS in the list of regular conferences.
17-Oct-2006   I've changed the way that updates are done (again). My last change made it that so only the first two pages of Springer's LNCS collection were pulled down each update. The problem with that approach was that many newly added LNCS volumes first appear farther back in Springer's LNCS collection (e.g. on page 7, say, rather than on page 1 or 2). So now my script pulls down the first 50 pages of the LNCS database to look for new volumes. This should catch proceedings which are assigned volume numbers but are not published until many months later (e.g. this is usually the case for the SAC proceedings).
10-Oct-2006   By request, a regular conference entry for Information Hiding has been added. Note that the LNCS volume for Information Hiding 1999 (vol. 1768) is not available in SpringerLINK.
1-Oct-2006   Added a regular conference entry for PET - Privacy Enhancing Technologies. Also, some new volumes which match the key word "privacy" have been added.
14-Sep-2006   My scripts are now adjusted to handle the content on the new SpringerLINK website. Doing this turned out to be easier than I thought. One advantage of the change-over is that the data listed for each LNCS volume on the Springer website is more complete; previously there were several LNCS volumes (20-30) that did not have titles listed. I now have a more complete database of all the LNCS volumes. Also, the way I update the links above is done differently now. Before my scripts pulled down several SpringerLINK webpages and built an LNCS database from scratch each week. Now I am just pulling down just two webpages. Because of this change I think it is safe to increase the update frequency to three times a week (4am Sunday, Tuesday, Thurday).
16-Aug-2006   Springer recently redesigned their SpringerLINK online library. After the initial change-over, urls which used the OpenURL standard were not being interpretted correctly. This caused the urls above to stop working. However, the problem seems to have been quickly fixed on Springer's end and my urls appear to be functional now. The new SpringerLINK website poses one other problem -- my auto-update script will no longer work correctly. I will have to temporarily disable auto-updates until I get a chance to have a look at the new data format.
17-July-2006   The listing for ACISP has been corrected to include all the volumes back to 1996. Note that ACISP 2000 (vol. 1841) is not in the SpringerLINK archive so it is not included in the list.
18-June-2006   By request, a regular conference entry has been added for ACNS (Applied Cryptography and Network Security) -- note that the fourth ACNS just took place. Also, some errors in links to FSE, ICICS and ICISC proceedings were fixed (did you know that FSE 1997 is listed in Springer's LNCS database three times?). Finally, some new volumes which match the key phrase "public key" have been added.
25-May-2006   Added some new volumes to the list, including "Composition of Secure Multi-Party Protocols" (2815) and others with the word "secure" in their titles.
07-Mar-2006   Added a regular conference entry for TCC - Theory of Cryptography.
05-Feb-2006   The saga continues... Springer has now apparently scratched its "historical archive". This means that all the pre-1997 LNCS volumes are now back with the more recent LNCS volumes. This happened sometime in the week prior to 29-Jan-2006. I've updated my script (again!) and I think everything is OK now. Thank-you to those people who pointed out some unusual links (e.g. CRYPTO 2018) after last week's update.
14-Jan-2006   I emailed Springer in early December and asked what happened to the pre-1997 LNCS volumes. They responded promptly and explained that the volumes are still available on-line, it's just that they have been moved into their historical archive.
2-Dec-2005   It appears that Springer has removed all LNCS volumes published prior to 1997 from their online database! The urls that I had previously constructed no longer work. This appears to have happened in the week 20-27 November 2005. I wonder why they did this...
21-July-2005   I've moved the site to a machine inside the School of Computer Science at Carleton University. I started a postdoctoral fellowship at Carleton in late June.
18-July-2005   Due to an OS upgrade on one of the university machines, the crontab file which was automatically updating this webpage was dropped from its queue. This happened about a month ago but I didn't notice until now. I've restored the crontab file and updated the links. Weekly updates should continue to work as they did previously.
6-May-2005   Added a regular conference entry for ACISP.
24-March-2005   In late January 2005, Springer updated their LNCS webpage. This caused one of the scripts which I use to update the links above to stop working. I have finally found time to fix things and so the automatic updates should continue as before.
19-June-2004   Created web page.

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