I recently completed my PhD degree in computer science at Carleton University, under the guidance of Prof. Paul Van Oorschot and Prof. Sonia Chiasson. I'm an alumni of the CCSL and the CHORUS labs.

My research interests include privacy, security, and usability of single sign-on (OAuth) systems.

Work & Teaching Experience

  • Scientific Software Developer

    ESG Solutions, Kingston, Ontario [June 2016 - Sept 2019]

    • Led the (full-stack) development of the company's client-facing web portal.
    • Led a year-long R&D project to add new scientific algorithms to high performance CUDA C/C++ software to model seismic waves on a Linux cluster with 28 NVIDIA GPUs.
    • Enhanced web app User Experience by improving app efficiency using WebSocket APIs.
    • Strengthened the company's data processing capabilities by implementing a new web app with REST APIs, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (OAuth) login services & ExtJS UI widgets.
    • Collaborated with software and R&D project members using Agile practices.
    • Accelerated software release using Jenkins CI/CD pipelines for automated builds & testing.
    • Restored unmaintained GPU software & infrastructure from broken state.


Research Experience

  • Journal Publications

    • S.G. Morkonda, S. Chiasson, P.C. van Oorschot. Influences of displaying permission-related information in web single sign-on login decisions. Computers & Security Vol. 139, 103666 (Apr 2024; to appear). Author's copy: arXiv:2308.13074. [PDF] [ScienceDirect]
  • Conference Publications

    • S.G. Morkonda, S. Chiasson, P.C. van Oorschot. Empirical Analysis and Privacy Implications in OAuth-based Single Sign-On Systems. In 20th ACM CCS Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES '21), Nov 2021, Virtual. Preliminary technical report (Mar 2021): arXiv:2103.02579 (Exploring Privacy Implications in OAuth Deployments.) [PDF] [ACM DL] (Acceptance rate: 20%)
  • Preprints, Technical reports, Theses, Talks

    • S.G. Morkonda. [Thesis] User Privacy in OAuth-based Single Sign-On Systems. PhD Thesis, Jan 2024. [PDF]
    • S.G. Morkonda, S. Chiasson, P.C. van Oorschot. [Tech report] "Sign in with ... Privacy": Timely Disclosure of Privacy Differences among Web SSO Login Options. Cornell University arXiv.org, arXiv:2209.04490, Aug 2023. Replaces earlier 9 Sept 2022 version (SSOPrivateEye: Timely Disclosure of Single Sign-On Privacy Design Differences.) [PDF]
    • S.G. Morkonda, A. Abdou. [Tech report] Work in progress: Identifying Two-Factor Authentication Support in Banking Sites. Cornell University arXiv.org, arXiv:2202.06459, Feb 2022. [PDF]
    • Srivathsan Morkonda Gnanasekaran. [Talk] User Privacy in OAuth-based Login, and a Standardized UI. In OAuth Security Workshop, Nov 2021, Virtual. [Event] [Slides]


  • Academic

    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University (2023-2024)
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University (2022-2023)
    • Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship in Science and Technology, Carleton University (2020-2022)
    • Research Assistant Scholarship, Carleton University (2019-2023)
    • Domestic Entrance Scholarship, Carleton University (2019-2020)
    • 1st prize in Undergraduate Research Forum, University of Toronto Scarborough (2016)
      • A campus-wide poster competition conducted by the university library and Office of the Vice Principal Research
    • Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Centre for Planetary Sciences, University of Toronto (2014)
  • Extra-curricular

    • Letter Award, University of Toronto Scarborough (2012-2016)
      • In recognition of a graduating student for significant contributions to campus life, leadership outside the classroom and the lasting impact at the university
    • Outstanding Contribution to Residence Life, University of Toronto Scarborough (2014-2015)
      • In recognition of leadership contributions at Student Housing and Residence Life



srivathsan.morkonda (-at-) carleton.ca


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