MITACS Digital Security Seminar Series at Carleton University

Room: 5115 Herzberg Building (13 on Campus Map)
Location: School of Computer Science, Carleton University

The MITACS Digital Security Seminar (DSS) series provides a research-oriented forum for the presentation and discussion of results across a broad spectrum of security-related topics, reflecting the interests of Carleton's Computer Security Lab (CCSL). The talks are intended to be of appeal to a wide audience, including non-specialists. Speakers are encouraged to put their results in proper context, and to address topics having both scientific and practical relevance.

Schedule (Winter 2007)
All talks 3:00 - 4:00pm

Date Speaker Topic (Abstract) More Info
Jan 16, 2007 Prof. Stefan Saroiu University of Toronto abstract slides (ppt)
tech-report (pdf)
Jan 30, 2007 Prof. John McHugh Dalhousie University abstract N/A
Feb 13, 2007 Prof. Stephanie Forrest University of New Mexico abstract slides (ppt)
Feb 27, 2007 Prof. Nur Zincir-Heywood Dalhousie University abstract slides (pdf)
Mar 13, 2007 Dr. Tim Moses (Entrust) abstract slides (ppt)
Mar 27, 2007 Prof. Rob Miller MIT abstract N/A
Apr 10, 2007 Andrew Patrick (NRC, Ottawa) abstract slides (pdf)
Apr 24, 2007 Prof. Ian Goldberg University of Waterloo abstract slides (pdf)
May 30, 2007 (10:30am) Dr. Anupam Datta CMU abstract slides (ppt)
Oct 11, 2007 (1:00pm) Prof. Xinming (Simon) Ou Kansas State University abstract N/A

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Announcement of a talk is usually sent out a week before the talk. To subscribe to our DSS mailing-list, please send an email to dsg (at) with the information of your name, title, email address, and affiliation.

To suggest speakers or topics, please see email address below.

Seminar Co-ordinators: Dr. Paul Van Oorschot, Mohammad Mannan and Mansour Alsaleh

Sponsored by MITACS and Carleton's Computer Security Lab (CCSL),
Last updated: Oct 11, 2007.
Seminar inquiries? Mail: malsaleh (at)